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Bitter Gourd
13 September 2011 @ 11:50 am
Art History class. We discussed our assignment in which we are supposed to find two paintings that depict an event in the life of Christ or the Virgin Mary from different periods and compare them. Already, people are complaining about how they`re not religious and they make it sound as though this is against their individual rights. I personally think it`s stupid; I`m not religious either, but there is absolutely no doubt that Christian art and Christian iconography is extremely important in the history of art. = =
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Bitter Gourd
14 June 2010 @ 11:14 pm
There's something about Yahoo mail that makes me want to slap a bitch. It breaks down once every week, sends me late messages, has a really stupid messenger and sends me all this bloody stupid mail. Seriously, I don't give a damn about your stupid badly spelled viagra ads or those "Hello, my uncle's twice removed and transmogrified squirrel-dog just died and you have a chance to benefit from the blasted creature poor thing's death! Just send us all your credit card info!" or those "I believe our paths are two separate ones that are destined to meet" emails.

Maybe it's something about my email address that attracts spam bots. OTL I'm seriously thinking of switching my main email off to something like Gmail or Hotmail or something. *sigh*
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Bitter Gourd
07 February 2010 @ 01:29 am
I updated eduard_diary today. This is Eduard's first brush with death, but no spoilers. >_> It's getting harder and harder to write him now that he's growing up. Before, I used to think that what made his diary funny was the fact that he kept making stupid spelling mistakes. Fortunately, I managed to carry over his humour into his better-spelling days, though now that he's experienced more, it's probably going to keep getting harder to develop him through his diary while still retaining something to laugh at.

Growing up is hard. :/

On another note, regarding eduard_diary, my good friend Perdue (not_your_louser) told me recently that she had to define the word "diary" for her AP English class and she read some excerpts from Eduard's diary to her class. XD It's extremely flattering and very much epic that her teacher thought it was from a published book. At least I know that, if my fairytales never make it off the ground, Eduard's diary would find a somewhat appreciative audience. LOL
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Bitter Gourd
15 January 2010 @ 01:36 am
This fairytale is faaar from finished. In fact, I'm having massive problems in the beginning already. I've rewritten the beginning at least four times now and I think that the following beginning that I have is subject to even more change. It's just practically impossible to get past this one part. I'm pretty sure that once I'm past the big christening and curse and everything, I can get everything back on track.

Long, long ago, when unicorns still frolicked with children and satyrs still chased after nymphs, there was an underwater kingdom, so deeply concealed in the waters of the ocean that only the inhabitants of the sea knew of its existence. There was a large, beautiful palace made of golden coral, the epicenter of all political activity, strategically placed in between all the various regions of the sea. The citizens who visited the palace were often awed by the well-designed halls, with their pink coral trimmings and small, blossoming anemones of many bright colours. But most beautiful of all was the hall of the Sea King. His golden throne, in a dark room furnished with strong, handsome sea-wood, seemed to glow with a magical light, providing an almost divine atmosphere. Here, the Sea King seated himself, accompanied by his wife, on a fine throne of bright platinum. The couple ruled the seas with a kind firmness which had made them well loved and well-respected.

The King and Queen had been blessed, in years past, with seven daughters, each as beautiful as the next and all resembling the rising sun with their tresses of gold and red. But as the years went by, the members of the household slowly started to leave, each finding love in their own right and moving away to join their spouses. Unaccustomed to the sudden quiet of the castle, the royal pair wished more and more often for the gods to grant them a son so that he might never leave their side even should he be married.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. The King and Queen grew more and more desolate with each passing day. Each day, the Queen went into her boudoir and prayed to whichever god happened to be passing by at the moment for a child. A god of the hermit crabs, chasing down the desperate soul of a crustacean who was trying to prolong its life through this hunt, heard her prayers and took pity on her. As the seasons passed in the sea, the Queen’s belly swelled and the King was overjoyed at the prospect of another child. The Queen, who was always far more sensible about these things, warned him that there was still a chance that the next child born might be another girl, but the King replied that whatever gender the child was would suit him just fine.

The people in the kingdom were so excited at this piece of news that they continued to talk of it even when, months later, the King left for his annual tour of his land. Strange women, old and cynical, predicted that the Queen would only give birth to another girl, but for one, who was jeered at when she said that it would be a boy. Drunk gamblers exited the homes of their friends after staking much money on the outcome. Such speculation took the kingdom!

One fine spring afternoon, the cry of a newborn burst forth from the royal chambers. At the first wail, a letter was immediately dispatched to the King. The King eagerly snatched the letter out of the messenger’s hands when it arrived; tore it open with an anxious fervor. He learned from the letter that his wife was doing well and recovering; that the old lady-in-waiting who had never left her side had been extremely vigilant in ensuring that she was as comfortable as ever and finally—wonderful news! —the child was a plump, healthy baby boy.

The King’s heart leapt. Ecstatic, he raced back home, giving orders to his servants to pack his things and send them later in the day. He flew towards the Queen’s chambers, nearly sending the old lady-in-waiting sprawling across the floor. The old woman straightened herself with an offended dignity and chastised the King for his unseemly behavior. “You are going to scare your poor wife half out of her wits with your suddenness, your majesty!” she said, wagging her finger in front of him and blocking his way into the entrance. The King nodded meekly and, when the woman was satisfied that he had learned his lesson, removed herself from the doorway. “Quietly,” she reminded him, before swimming away.

The Queen greeted her husband with a smile from her bed as he entered the room. He complained to her of the lady-in-waiting, but the Queen waved his words away with a laugh, which was entirely lost on her royal spouse. In the corner of the room, right next to a window with lovely silk curtains, there was a small cradle carved of soft rock with a chain of delicate charms and sparkling jewels hanging overhead. The King peered over the side of the worn cradle and was reminded of the very first day his oldest daughter had been born and set in the same pillows. The boy in the cradle made small little gurgling noises in his sleep as the King looked on.

“We must christen him soon,” the Queen reminded him and for a while, the only reply she received was a blank look before he had understood what she had said.

“Of course,” the King replied. “It shall be soon, of course. The longer we leave him, the more vulnerable he is to demons. He shall be christened tomorrow.”

The day of the young prince’s christening arrived with much pomp and circumstance. A delicate fanfare blew down the streets and mermaids and mermen alike left their homes in order to join in the celebration. The single old woman who had predicted that the child would be a boy was suddenly celebrated as a true clairvoyant and many asked her of the fate that was in store for the prince; but when she said that she foresaw disaster, they ignored her once more. The drunk gamblers, now sober and with lucid minds, found that they could not remember what they had said or how much they had bet, and were content to call it all off and join in the festivities instead.

I'm honestly not even sure about this one. On the one hand, I kind of liked exploring the King and Queen in more detail so that they weren't just cardboard pieces in a fairytale, but then again, I think that it poses too much of a problem. Originally, there was supposed to be a prophetic dream the Queen had in which two mute servants start talking to one another and discussing the Queen's pregnancy and that is how she knows that she's going to give birth to a son. That part was a little too hard to work in, though, so I ended up leaving it out. I really am not happy with how this starts... There's about a 75% chance I'll rewrite the lot.
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Bitter Gourd
15 January 2010 @ 01:30 am
When I look back on the last journal entry I made a few hours ago, I realise how ridiculous I sound. I used so many "I mean"s and "seriously"s that it wasn't even funny. It was like my entire vocabulary was suddenly more or less limited to just those two phrases, which will not get you very far in life...

Today has been a pretty uneventful day, Photoshop-wise. After working on calendars three days straight, this is the first day that I haven't touched a date. I hope it won't stay like this because I have a tendency to never get to work on my calendars again once I've stopped. Someone give me a swift kick in the pants if that happens, please. Basically, all that I have done that counts as "productive" is to make a 650x300px banner, which I can't show anywhere because of contest restrictions.

It's 1:19am now; and I just finished my design drawing work. I always get the feeling that my work is much too simplistic considering some of the levels of art in the class, but honestly, technical drawing is not my thing at all. I take the class, am forced to do the work and I do it; I just don't do it well. It's kind of embarrassing, especially when people have been telling you more or less all your life that your art is good (and in the case of a lot of my relatives: "DON'T BECOME AN ARTIST, AH. YOU GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH ONE, LAH. SO DON'T BECOME ARTIST, OKAY?"). I just kind of feel like I'm not exactly in the right place, and maybe I would end up having a mid-life crisis later on. Who knows? Either way, though, I'm going to give this a shot. At the very least, I know that my Photoshopping skills and personal aesthetic are good. I take my MADT teacher's word for it. But really, is there much industry at all for someone who makes something pretty and pastel?

Frankly, I don't think that the work that I do right now is going to get me anywhere. It's great making Hetalia wallpapers and using pretty CLAMP pictures for my work, or scouring the Internet for pictures of beautiful models to work with, but when it really comes down to it, I wouldn't put it in my portfolio. It's just going to look bad when you say that you took someone else's pictures and put them all together. A lot of people actually don't realise that just putting things together on Photoshop is a skill and art in itself and they tend to look down on it as being a cheap, quick way out. I'm going to reserve judgment on what I do right now and whether it's good or bad until I get that camera I'm saving up for. One of the things that gives me an ounce of confidence is that the first time I did photography seriously, most of the pictures actually turned out really well. I'm going to give using my own pictures when I get my camera in my graphics, and hopefully, the quality of work still stands up. The only problem is that I like working with pictures of people and I'm too chronically shy to approach someone and ask them if they would please be a model for this picture because 1) it just sounds weird and 2) pretty sure they're going to think I'm some kind of pervert. XD

Anyway. This is why I'm not allowed to stay up late at night, sleep deprived and nodding off to sleep at the keyboard. I start rambling; which is a bad habit every single one of us in this family has when they're tired. It's really quite funny when you get us all in a room together. We sound like a band of drunkards.
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Bitter Gourd
14 January 2010 @ 07:33 pm
Hey, hotlinkers. Please fuck off and die.

I just found at least NINE sites where my graphics have been hotlinked. It's not so much that I hate the fact that people are taking my graphics without (possibly) asking. In fact, I'm rather flattered that they do so (unless they're mocking them, of course... Which they had better not be doing). The PROBLEM is that I had to fork out $3 just to pay for a month of Pro Photobucket status so that I don't have to deal with bloody bandwidth problems. Needless to say, it's irritating when my pictures all suddenly disappear, especially when I've been making graphics quite often and have been posting them up. What makes it even more irritating is the fact that I neither have a Paypal or a credit card, which means that I have to use my mother's card, which means that she is going to be on my back about not buying anything stupid because she doesn't trust Internet shopping.

Seriously. It's not like $3 is that much, and I frankly think it's a fairly decent price to save you all the trouble. The problem is the principle of the thing. I hate the fact that just because people are using the pictures in my Photobucket (I'm not going to say they're ALL my own graphics, because they really aren't) on other websites, EVERYTHING I do has to suffer. I use my Photobucket account for basically everything, including schoolwork. It doesn't really look good when you have to hand in something late because some bloody stupid arsehole decided to take the URL of your picture and post it up somewhere else. I mean, how hard is it to get a FREE Photobucket, Tinypic or Imageshack account?!

The thing about this whole fiasco is the fact that I never even had a problem with hotlinking before. I never understood it; I just knew that it was bad and I didn't do it. But then this happens and it's damned lucky that I didn't have any schoolwork to be handed in today, otherwise there would be hell to pay. Seriously, hotlinkers. Fuck off and die. FUCK OFF AND DIE.

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Bitter Gourd
13 January 2010 @ 10:51 pm
This is probably the largest amounts of calendars I've made at a time. XD I usually don't make more than three months before stopping for about a year, and here we are at five months already. =O

Artist: il_mare_luccica
Characters: Sealand, England, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine & Belarus
Rating: G
Warnings: Badly drawn Professor Layton/Hetalia fanart. XD


April Showers Bring May FlowersCollapse )

~ Art by シロクマ, il_mare_luccica & ?
~ Textures by ohfreckle, bambinainnero & ?
~ Brushes by masterjinn & ?
~ Please don't hotlink.
~ Credit would be nice, but I won't go guano if you don't do it. ^^
~ These calendars aren't meant to be wallpapers, so unfortunately, I can't resize them for anyone who wants it on their desktop.
~ Comments and constructive criticism make my soul all fuzzy. ♥
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Bitter Gourd
12 January 2010 @ 01:21 am
I haven't been very active on LJ in a while, let alone the hetalia community. I've made some new calendars for the first two months of 2010, and while I know that the January one is slightly late, it's still functional. =)

Artist: il_mare_luccica
Characters: China, Japan, Spain & Romano
Rating: G
Warnings: A kiss between two men; but then considering the basis of the fandom, I don't think it really matters. XD


Anonymous ClippingsCollapse )

~ Art by ? & azu-tobiiro
~ Textures by bambinainnero, aulxdayz, samelthecamel & ?
~ Brushes by 99mockingbirds & coy-dreamer
~ Please don't hotlink.
~ Credit would be nice, but I won't go guano if you don't do it. ^^
~ These calendars aren't meant to be wallpapers, so unfortunately, I can't resize them for anyone who wants it on their desktop.
~ Comments and constructive criticism make me so happy it's not even funny. [/lame] A March calendar might be coming soon.
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Bitter Gourd
05 October 2009 @ 01:14 am
Made two more banners for two national days today; South Korea and Spain respectively. =D The second has Babelfish-translated Spanish on it, though. >_>

Art by: ?
Textures by: bambinainnero, miryoku & ?
Brushes by: coy_dreamer & 99mockingbirds

Art by: ?
Textures by: frozenDI, bambinainnero, azuremonkey & samelthecamel
Brushes by: coy_dreamer & 99mockingbirds
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